Andy Mort Tour 2019 Regulations

Please find links below to download the Regulations and Entry Form for the 2019 Andy Mort Tour, which will take place on the 19th October.


Please read the following carefully before downloading:

  1. Please download the Regulations to your computer and read them (We know, you just want to crack on, but it’s important …)
  2. Before you start filling in the Entry Form, you need to download it to your computer. If it opens in your web browser (instead of downloading), up in the top right hand corner of the form (above AMT) you should see options for printing and downloading. Click on the download button (usually, a down arrow with a line under it) and save the form to a folder on your computer where you will be able to find it.
  3. Open the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader – you can get the latest version here, free of charge:
  4. You can now either print it out, fill it in with a biro and post it to us, or scan it and email it to us. Alternatively, the quick and easy approach is to complete it on your computer as follows:
  5. Complete all the boxes on the form, by typing in your details
  6. SAVE THE FORM – this is usually a little square floppy disk symbol, top left
  7. You now need to find the option to sign the form. In recent versions of Acrobat this is “Tools -> Fill & Sign”, in older versions it’s “Sign & Certify”. Unless you already have a digital signature registered with Adobe, you should be placing a visible signature on the form at the bottom next to “Entrants Signature:”. Instructions for this vary depending on your operating system and Acrobat version, so please use the help menu or “Google” if you’re stuck.
  8. Once you’ve signed it, save it again, with a different name, using “File -> Save As” and make a note of the name – this is the file that you need to email to the 2300 Club. Please don’t send us the empty form, or the one without a signature! Email the completed form to:
  9. Please send the payment. Spaces are limited to 50 and your entry will not be considered until Stuart is happy with your payment arrangements. If you aren’t paying by BACS and want to just send us £1/week or your mum is sending the money later, or whatever, please just let Stuart know when you send in your entry form and he will make the final decision about accepting your entry.

Download Links

Entry Form

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