The “Andy Mort Tour” – 21st October 2017

Following on from last year’s successful Andy Mort Tour in October 2016, the 2300 Club are organising a similar event this year in memory of former club member Andy Mort.

The event will be called the Andy Mort Tour and will take place on the 21st October 2017 and is a gentle run around Lancashire / Yorkshire. It is not a timed or competitive event and is classed by the MSA as a ‘Touring Assembly’ – for the layman that is code ‘for a leisurely scenic run in the country on proper Tarmac roads.’ … so no need for roll cages, sump guards, etc! There will be prizes for the correct route as well as best turned out car etc etc. The navigation is via Tulips from a supplied Road Book.

The Event Regulations and Event Entry Form (complete on screen) or Event Entry Form (print, fill in by pen & post) are now available, by clicking on the document names. If you’re sending your entry form by post, please tell us your email address too.

In the meantime a few details to whet your appetite are here:

  • Start & Finish venue will be the West Bradford Village Hall (BB7 4TE)
  • Morning route will be approximately 65 miles
  • Lunch halt (approx. 1 Hour)
  • Afternoon route will be approximately 65 miles

To round off the day a few ‘driving tests’ will be performed near the finish venue.

  • The Entry Fee will be £50 (2 people) which will include a light breakfast and buffet style super at the finish venue. Extra passengers £15 (for food)
  • All makes and types of vehicles are welcome

2016 John Easson Award

 2300 Club 2016 John Easson Award

2300 Club are pleased to announce the winner of the 2016 John Easson Award.

Bingley rally driver Sam Bilham has been chosen as the winner of this year’s prestigious award which is worth a total prize fund of £5,000.

The 20 year old was the choice of the judges after very careful deliberation, which saw the three finalists travel to Preston to take part in interviews with the panel of judges.

Sam emerged as winner after a very close run contest with fellow finalists, George Lepley and Meirion Evans

This year the judges, co-driver “legend” – Ian Grindrod.  Motorsport News Rally Journalist Jack Benyon,, Bury rally driver John Cope and guest judge 2015 JEA winner Matthew Jackson faced a very difficult task in choosing the winner, Judges chairman John said, It is unfortunate that there can only be one winner, however we feel Sam will be a worthy recipient of the John Easson Award and of course we wish runners up George and Meirion the very best of luck with their continued rallying”.

2300 Club would like to thank all candidates who applied for this year’s award.

Allan Durham
2300 Club John Easson Award Scheme Manager


“Andy Mort Tour” – Report by Alan Barnes of Preston Motorsport Club

Here is the full report on the 2300 Club Andy Mort Tour, which will be published imminently in the SD34 Spotlight E-magazine. It was written by Alan Barnes of Preston Motorsport Club, who has given permission for us to publish it here …

2300 Club Andy Mort Tour

Many of the members of 2300 Club may be past their ‘collect bus pass’ age but there is life in the club yet and they proved it by organising an excellent touring assembly in honour of member Andy Mort.

Andy, as many readers will be aware, succumbed to injuries sustained in an accident on the Mull Rally last year when co-driving for John MacCrone, who came back this year to win the event and dedicate the emotional victory to his friend.

I never met Andy but he was, by all accounts, a larger than life character, and paying tribute to him, 2300 Club Chairman, Neil Molyneux told the post-touring assembly gathering that Andy would have ‘found ways of enjoying the touring assembly more than anybody else’.

The subsequent laughter told its own story about Andy – he was someone who was an industrious member of the 2300 Club committee, someone who gave his heart and soul to the sport he loved so much.

So, to the touring assembly. Simon Boardman aka Simon Bee had posted a mention of it on my Facebook timeline on my return from the Mull Rally. Would the long-suffering Mrs Sally Barnes feel generous enough to issue a pass out so that I could go and play out? There was a chance to take part in the event with Lancashire Automobile Club president and all-round good guy John Hartley, in a beautiful red Porsche 964.

Apart from anything else I wanted to acknowledge what the 2300 Club was doing for Andy Mort. I had been on Mull in October 2015, competing on the same rally, like many other Spotlight readers, when the tragedy involving my fellow Lancastrian occurred. Here was an opportunity to pay my respects.

I explained the situation to ‘her indoors’ in such terms and the answer was in the affirmative. She’s a darling, what would I do or be without her?

A quick phone call was made to John and the touring assembly was on. Saturday October 22 dawned cold and misty and on arrival at Mytton Fold Golf Club there was the old, familiar sight of orange direction arrows baring the name 2300 Club.

A convivial breakfast of bacon barmcakes, coffee and tea, gave many old friends a chance to say hello and catch up and we signed on, collecting a stylish name plate for the car, a roadbook, containing simple Tulip instructions to take crews from the start to the lunch halt via a series of check points where your time card was signed by marshalls or where you had to write down a code from a codeboard.

Seeing so many old faces from when I started rallying in the early 1980s was a lovely experience. Charlie Woodward, Rod Brereton, Ian Grindrod, Trevor Roberts, Walter and Pat Bateson – Pat doesn’t appear to have changed a bit, a great servant to motorsport but don’t mess with her! – and so many others including the hard-workin Stuart Pye who dealt with entries and helped make the event run so smoothly.

Soon we were on our way and the route took the cars down to the De Tabley bridge over the Ribble, via Dinckley. After heading up Gallows Lane and via Hurst Green we found ourselves motoring past Stonyhurst College and up onto the back end of Longridge Fell where Trevor Roberts was manning a check point.

I don’t know how old Trevor is now but I remember the way he chaired Clitheroe Motor Club with such style and command when I was a beginner aged 18 or 19. A true motorsport legend, a top man and so nice to see him still involved in helping the 2300 Club.

The route then took us via Bashall Eaves and Cow Ark up to Slaidburn and up Lythe Fell, via the Four Ringstones loop and on to Mewith Head and north to the A65 near Ingleton. A bit of slottery around the Burton in Lonsdale, Wenningon and Bentham area saw us head pas Dan Willan’s coach firm up the Roman road at Casterton and up to a checkpoint, manned by Ian Grindrod and Clive Molyneux at the start of Barbondale. What a road this is, with a series of crests and yumps that we naturally did not take other than cautiously in the Porsche.

From Barbondale we travelled via the cobblestoned village of Dent and out via what the old timers call Dent Station White. It is in fact a C-class road but is quite rough in places, though nothing I have seen lately is as rough as the Hill Road on Mull. Travelling over this road brought memories flooding back of flying down this road in the mid-80s on the old Motoring News road rally rounds such as the Bolton Midnight and the Devil’s Own. They were the days! Just further to the north of Dent Station White were Mallerstang and Tan Hill, again classic molorland road rally roads – but we instead headed east towards Hawes for the lunch halt.
The second half saw us pootle over Fleet Moss and then up to Arncliffe before heading down the yumpy, bumpy Pen-Y-Ghent road to Stainforth – all classics.

We headed back to Mytton Fold Golf Course via Tosside, Bolton-by-Bowland and Downham, travelling over the back end of Pendle Hill via Barley and out towards Sabden Fold and Whalley.

On arrival back at HQ Pat Bateson presented us with a souvenir key ring apiece, with the 2300 Club logo engraved on it. A nice touch, thank you! And over the obligatory post-event pint, John and I chatted amongst friends, having a laugh, having fun. I had enjoyed a lovely day in the company of a great enthusiast in John, who really is one of motorsport’s great characters. His car is a joy to travel in, so nimble, so direct, so much power on tap. I want one, but I will never be able to afford one!

What else did I learn? Well, I know that these touring assemblies are a gentle but excellent way for newcomer navigators to learn the art of map reading and using tulips, with an element of timekeeping also involved. I will be mentioning this aspect when I next see members of Preston Motorsport Club. A lot of our younger members are keen to dip a toe in the waters of rally navigation and these events make great sense for them to hone their skills.

I also learned that we take the countryside around us for granted far too much. The colours of autumn were evident all around us and what a stunning backdrop those mountains and fells made as we buzzed along in our cars.

This was the second event the 2300 Club has put on since running its last Tour of Mull in 2009. Hopefully there will be more events to follow, not least a proper stage rally if the road closures act ever comes into being in England.

Those roads used on this route, devised by Walter Bateson, are all quality roads. What a sight, what an experience a proper rally in full-on stage cars would be for those lucky enough to participate. Here’s to hoping it happens one day!

Alan Barnes
Preston Motorsport Club

Here are a few photos, kindly provided by Alan to go with his report

Andy Mort Tour – Competitors Final Instructions

The “Andy Mort Tour” will be taking place on the 22nd October, starting promptly at 9:30am. If you are competing, it is recommended that you arrive at the start an hour before your start time (especially if you’d like to take advantage of banter & breakfast!). Please find attached below the Final Instructions for Competitors. Please note that we have 44 competitors registered for the event, with the Entry List Available Here.

Your START TIME will be based on the Entry List, with the first car starting at 9:31 and the final car at 10:12 – you can work out your start minute from this entry list by adding your position on the list to 09:30, i.e. if you’re 13th on the list (BREXIT), then your start time will be 09:30 + 13 = 09:43.

Please download and read the Final Instructions:
Andy Mort Tour – Final Instructions

Entry List for “Andy Mort Tour”

This is the current entry list for the Andy Mort Tour on the 22nd October:

Driver’s Name Passenger Name Vehicle Colour Year
Charlie Woodward Rod Brereton Talbot Sunbeam Blue 1980
Anglea Briggs Ian Briggs Austin Mini Green 1989
Mark E C Smith Justin Moran Subaru WRX  Sti Blue 2014
Michael Anderson Ben Anderson Austin Mini City E Red 1985
Rob Baxandall Mandy Wood Land Rover 90 Blue 1991
John Parker Martin Oglesby MG MGB Red 1980
Nigel Worswick Nicola Lynch Noble M12 GTO 3R Blue 2004
Diane Brereton Ian Mills Suzuki Ignis Sport Red 2004
Neil Calvert Arlene Cookson Ford Lotus Cortina MK1 White/Green 1965
Simon Boardman Mat Broadbent Volvo 120 Amazon Blue 1967
Keith Oglesby Graham Hanson Austin Healey Sprite MK1 Red 1958
Geoff Maine Ian Mather Rover 216 Cabriolet Blue 1998
Jeremy Corbyn Theresa May BREXIT Special Blue/ Red 2016
Philip Merrall Simon Robinson Toyota GT86 Red 2016
Roger Broom Pam Broom Isuzu Trouper Citation Metallic Blue 2002
Barry James Bond Tony Jones Skoda Octavia VRS White/Green 2016
Walter Ainsworth Lorraine Nixon WITHDRAWN
Lee Sharples Frank Sharples Audi RS4 Avant Red 2007
Paul Rhodes David Steggles Mercedes 300SL Red 1992
Blair Bushby James Bushby Ford Fiesta Silver 2011
Ian Perrott Rob Scott Lotus Elise Blue 2000
Nigel Haworth Peter Haworth Lotus Carlton Dark Green 1990
Peter Wright James Wright Subaru Outback Silver 2015
John Sharples Karen Rossen AC Cobra (Replica) 427 Silver 2014
Derek Ormerod David Crowder Ford Escort Red 1979
Andrew Barritt Robert Brown-Kenna Austin Mini Red 1972
Simon Norcross Roy Chesworth Landrover 90 Black 2004
Richard Williams TBAdvised Ford Escort Blue 1971
Stephen Cawley Sheila Cawley Mercedes SLK Silver 1996
Ian Wilcock Richard Bewick BMW 3.0CSL Yellow 1972
Kevin Barcock Ashley Bury Honda S2000 Blue 2004
Mark Durham Mick Gardner Ford Escort MkII White 1978
Mark Widdup Helen Widdup Austin Mini Cream 1972
Graham Darcy Geoff Powell MGB GT Baby Brown 1973
Ian Rowson Paul Cooper Ford Focus ST170 Grey 2003
Mike Kirk Mike Davies VW Scirroco Blue 2010
David Hallas Tim Stell MG TF Blue 2002
John Lawson Justin Lawson MGB Roadster Red & White 1975
Paul Tattersall Neil Molyneux BMW Mini Black 2006
David Slaney Jean Slaney Porsche 911 Silver 1970
Steven Lee Andrew Downing BMW Z3M Coupe Blue 2001
Colin Casson Andy Brook Ford Focus RS White 2010
Tom Naughton ?? ?? ?? ??
John Hartley Alan Barnes Porsche 964 Red 1990

Competitor’s Final Instructions are now available. If you’re aware of any errors or omissions, please contact

The “Andy Mort Tour” – 22nd October 2016

Following on from the successful Janet Lancaster Memorial Run in October 2015, the 2300 Club are planning a similar event in memory of former club member Andy Mort.

The event will be called the Andy Mort Tour and will take place on the 22nd October 2016 and is a gentle run around Lancashire / Yorkshire. It is not a timed or competitive event and is classed by the MSA as a ‘Touring Assembly’ – for the layman that is code ‘for a leisurely scenic run in the country on proper Tarmac roads.’ … so no need for roll cages, sump guards, etc! There will be prizes for the correct route as well as best turned out car etc etc. The navigation is via Tulips from a supplied Road Book.

The Entry List and Competitor’s Final Instructions are now available. In the meantime a few preliminary details to whet your appetite are here:

  • Start & Finish venue will be the Best Western Mytton Fold Hotel (BB6 8AB)
  • Morning route will be approximately 70 miles
  • Lunch halt at Hawes (approx. 1 Hour)
  • Afternoon route will be approximately 70 miles

To round off the day a few ‘driving tests’ will be performed at the finish venue.

  • The Entry Fee will be in the region of £50 (2 people) which will include a light breakfast and buffet style super at the finish venue
  • All makes and types of vehicles are welcome

Janet Lancaster Memorial Run 2015

You would not have believed that six whole years have passed since The 2300 Club ran any type of motoring event; but from the moment the Club’s logo announcing ‘Rally HQ‘ and ‘Signing On’ was emblazoned over the door of the main entrance to The Spread Eagle at Sawley, on the morning of Saturday 24th October, the cogs of a well oiled Swiss watch started to turn with military precision. Even to the untrained eye, all that experience of many years on Mull immediately became evident!

Not even the squally showers of the early autumn morning could dampen the smiles of 2300 Club veterans, clearly glad to be back in action as they happily welcomed the day’s “Janet Lancaster Memorial Run” participants with a lovely cuppa and more than plenty of generous bacon butties. Elder statesman of 2300 Club, Ian Grindrod, quipped “there’s enough bacon on here to start a butcher’s shop”.

Sean Bramhall’s immaculate and rare 1964 Ferrari 330 (finished in quite proper Rosso, of course) would have graced a starting line-up anywhere in the world … it roared up to the start line and the scene was set! Surely a serious contender for the “Concours d’Elegance” award at teatime, for which John Nixon, 2300 Club Treasurer, had the unenviable task of acting as judge, and the consternation on his face illustrated just how seriously he was taking the role. There were several strong contenders from the word go.

First car away was the beautiful 1954 Bentley R Type driven by Eddie Lancaster, navigated by his Son Andrew. The Run had been named in memory of Eddie’s wife Janet who sadly passed away in July last year, yet another cancer victim.

Janet Lancaster was a treasured employee for many years of Quest Electrical of Burnley, who were more than glad to be invited to be one of the main sponsors of the event in her memory. The event will raise money in aid of Pendleside Hospice, Burnley, who cared so well for Janet in her last weeks.

Car number two was an open-topped 1936 Riley Kestrel Special piloted by husband and wife team John and Sarah Cross. You could not help but feel a little sorry for them as they set off, open to the elements as they were, in the kind of gentle but steady rain to which only those native to the Ribble Valley will be accustomed.

The rest of the field followed, to enjoy a morning route which took advantage of some fantastically attractive Bowland roads and once again the experience of the organising team was evident. To a man (and woman), the drivers’ accolades poured in at the lunch halt to congratulate Walter and David, the route organisers, on their choice of first-half tarmac.

A field of thirty one cars set off from Sawley and all but the Riley Kestrel and the Rover 216 Cabriolet of Geoff Maine made it to the lunch halt unscathed. The 1961 MGA of David & Sarah Rigby, sadly, didn’t make it out of the car park at the start as failed windscreen wipers made it impossible for the crew to see where they were going … despite the gallant efforts of a whole gang of 2300 Club officials. I’m sure they would even have been prepared to push the car around the entire course, such was the level of support in attendance.

Everyone enjoyed a fine lunch and hospitality at The Bay Horse at Skipton as excited tales of the morning run rebounded around the room. The weather cleared, happily, and the sun shone as the Yorkshire afternoon section beckoned. The buzz of excitement, and anticipation of the restart, was quite palpable. Many of the novice crews had clearly found some confidence, with every Checkpoint and Marshal Point successfully achieved during the morning. Shona Holly, driver of the 1954 Porsche Spyder 550, commented to her navigator, “Wow … come on Coleen, we can clean this!”

Dr Pat Moore and his son Cameron in the 1967 Mustang failed to return from a lunch time refuelling stop, due to a burnt-out starter solenoid, but Sarah and David Rigby (MGA 1600) returned from the disappointment of the morning to swell numbers in the afternoon section … as a real contender for the “Spirit of the Run Award”, perhaps?

The afternoon section saw a few more casualties as Marcus Russell called in to report his MG TF retired with loss of coolant, and Derek and Shirley Cross in the 1984 Ford Capri 2.0S had to retire with problems; not just what Derek had to report, a case of severe ear ache, the result of various scoldings from Shirley …

A tired but happy band began to arrive for the finish at Colne & Nelson Rugby Club, to be greeted by a buffet feast fit for a king, prepared by the Club’s very own “Ma Larkin” (Pat Bateson); a reason on its own for many to “come back next year”.

Once again tales of “what might have been”, and the beautiful scenery enjoyed by all the competitors throughout the day, filled the room.

With all cars and occupants safely accounted for, it remained only for Sean Holly to say a big “Thank You” to all those assembled, handing out congratulations right, left and centre; Gold Medals were awarded to only three crews who managed to return home on time having “cleaned” (full marks, no mistakes) the entire route – namely:

  1. Mick and Ben Anderson in a Minisport 1975 Mini Cooper S
  2. Peter Duckworth and Nick Thornton from Glossop Motor Club in a 2003  MGTF
  3. Mark and Helen Widdup in a 1972 Morris Mini 850

John Nixon teased everyone with his list of contenders for the Concours d’Elegance Award before awarding it, and the trophy to go with it, to John Dowding and his stunningly well-prepared 1948 Singer Super 10.

The event was a wonderful success enjoyed by organisers and participants alike. It was sadly appropriate, however, to recognise the tragic events of a couple of weeks earlier when The 2300 Club lost member Andy Mort to a dreadful accident whilst he was competing in The Mull Rally. Andy was to have been a Marshal on the Janet Lancaster Run. He will be greatly missed by all that knew him.

It fell to 2300 Club Chairman Neil Molyneux to conclude matters and to pay tribute to Andy. Everyone raised a glass in respectful silence to the loss of such a good friend and motorsport compatriot … and no prizes, we suspect, for guessing what the name of next year’s run might be!

Photos from the event are available from:

Callum Duffy’s Tribute to Andy Mort

Read by Callum at the memorial parade held on the Sunday afternoon after the 2015 Mull Rally

We are gathered here in simple disbelief,
united we stand to share this grief,
taken from this world in the blink of an eye,
doing what he loved but no time to say good bye.
A gentle giant, fun loving and kind
these traits in a man are hard to find,
he loved this island and now calls it home,
he loved rallying and he would never moan,
a fierce competitor but would always help you out
and it would be fair to say he liked the odd stout!
Our sport is full of risks and we all know them,
this is where the adrenaline begins to stem
every competitor here and away is heart broken
for the loss of one of their own men
none of us expect to be touched by this thing, Mull
but when it comes close, its reality it does bring.
So many people give up so much to create a rally
us competitors have massive thanks to you all personally
our community is strong and together in times of scrutiny
and as one, we celebrate, we commiserate, we have unity
as one we are here to show our support
for Andy’s family and Sarah, you’re not alone at this port!
We are here to say thank you for this event
we wish John MacCrone a speedy recovery
but mostly we are here to say good bye,
Take care big fella, the angels have you now .. Good Bye.
:: Calum Duffy, 11th October 2015 ::