Andy Mort Tour – Competitors Final Instructions

The “Andy Mort Tour” will be taking place on the 22nd October, starting promptly at 9:30am. If you are competing, it is recommended that you arrive at the start an hour before your start time (especially if you’d like to take advantage of banter & breakfast!). Please find attached below the Final Instructions for Competitors. Please note that we have 44 competitors registered for the event, with the Entry List Available Here.

Your START TIME will be based on the Entry List, with the first car starting at 9:31 and the final car at 10:12 – you can work out your start minute from this entry list by adding your position on the list to 09:30, i.e. if you’re 13th on the list (BREXIT), then your start time will be 09:30 + 13 = 09:43.

Please download and read the Final Instructions:
Andy Mort Tour – Final Instructions

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