2 thoughts on “AMT 2019 – Road Book Instructions

  1. Hi, I’ve looked at the Tulip road book instructions and wonder whether these will apply to me as I’ve asked for tour by mapreferences on 99,103 & 104. Presumably we’ll be given a roadbook relative to these. If not I’m quite happy to use tulips. My nav is perhaps better suited to using the maps. depending on the weather I may change car to my E type – if so how soon do I have to let you know. John Cook

    • If we have a crew down for using map references as their preferred method, then the road book will not be tulips. If you want to change not a problem, please just let us know soon. The Road Book instructions do not apply to you and in particular using maps means you won’t have issues if there are any unexpected diversions, which was the reason for drawing crews attention to the guide in the Road Book.

      Car choice and change is not a problem. It is possible to turn up on the day and notify us of a car change, but the earlier we know the better so the printed entry list for the marshals can be as current as feasible.

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