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You have arrived at the website for the 2300 Club. We are a group of motor sport enthusiasts based in Blackburn, England.

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From 1969 to 2009, each year in October, we used to organise a car rally on the Isle of Mull in the Scottish Hebrides (The “Tour of Mull“). The last event we organised in 2009 was the 40th Tour of Mull, sponsored by Tunnock’s. For 2010 the reins were taken over by a group of enthusiasts based on the island at Mull Car Club.

Now in 2012 the 2300 Club committee are deciding exactly what to do with their considerable talents next… Norton Lindsey have launched their new website. For more information about the campaign to get faster internet broadband to the village of Norton Lindsey in Warwickshire, please visit their site